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Join the finnish hockey players' association (FHPA)

All hockey players can join to Finnish Hockey Players' Association (FHPA). You can join us simply by filling in the form below. Mestis players can pay the membership fee directly to association's account FI60 8001 8710 0115 24, receiver name: Suomen Jääkiekkoilijat ry. Enter your name, club, and text in the message section: Membership fee 2024-2025. The billing for the SM-liiga players membership fee will be done through the club.

Membership fee

Membership fee in season 2024-2025 depends on annual income/season (40 – 420 eur). All fees include a spare time accident insurance (not included for the players in foreign countries). Note: membership fee for foreign countries includes an extra accident insurance for permanent physical damage caused by hockey.



A Player who joins the Finnish Hockey Players´ Association by filling in this application, accepts that the Finnish Hockey Players´ Association can charge the membership fee from the club if specifically agreed with the club; and the club can deduct the respective membership fee from the Player´s salary. At the same time, the Player joining the association as a member grants the Finnish Hockey Players´ Association permission to use and hand over his register information for the commercial purposes of the Finnish Hockey Players´ Association.

Further, the Player assigns the Finnish Hockey Players´ Association the exclusive right to use the Player´s name, signature, photo, character, individual player number and game statistics, as well as other rights related to the Player´s identity (jointly referred to as Rights); and the permission to hand over the right of use when the Rights of three or more players are used simultaneously for commercial, PR or other purposes.

Filling in your email address is compulsory, since the FHPA sends its communications via email.

Membership fees for the season of 2024-2025

Player´s income per year Membership fee
0 - 13 179 40 €
13 180 - 19 999 70 €
20 000 - 34 999 140 €
35 000 - 59 999 210 €
60 000 - 79 999 300 €
80 000 - 99 999 360 €
100 000 -  420 € 

All fees include a spare time accident insurance.