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Registration system

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Registration system of ice hockey agents

Guidelines for agent activities

Agent agreement

Finnish Hockey Players Association, Finnish Ice Hockey Association and SM-League, together with the registered ice hockey agents agree, with this agreement, on the registration system of the agents pursuing agent activities in ice hockey.

The purpose of the registration system is to provide the players and teams with information on agents acting in ice hockey, to keep records of the agents, and to promote the professional skills of the agents recorded in the register. The Agent Activities Assessment Board (hereafter the Assessment Board) shall note and register the agents pursuing agent activities in ice hockey on the basis of applications, and provide the agents with information necessary for their activities, as well as control the agents’ activities.  

The agent registration system is open to all persons pursuing agent activities in ice hockey.

Administration fee

The agent shall pay an annual administration fee (600 eur - will be charged with separate invoice) for the maintenance of the registration system, determined by the Assessment Board.